01.10.2022 / 01.10.2022

A new scientific and practical manual "Engineering protection of territories from rockfall and avalanche processes" (Author Marinichev M.B.) published by the publishing house KubSAU Detailes

08.09.2022 / 08.09.2022

A scientific and practical manual «Basics of calculation and design of foundations of multi-storey, high-rise and unique buildings» was published. Authors: Marinichev M.B., Eschenko O.Yu., Demchenko V.A., Tkachev I.G. Detailes

15.08.2022 / 15.08.2022

For many years of work and significant personal contribution to the development of the Krasnodar Region, the gratitude of the Governor of the Krasnodar Region was awarded to Professor of the Department of Bases and Foundations of KubSAU M.B. Marinichev Detailes

14.08.2022 / 14.08.2022

Dear colleagues! We congratulate you on the Builder's Day! We wish you new ideas, health and energy for the implementation! Detailes

07.07.2022 / 07.07.2022

GEOTECH specialists together with MIDAS held a webinar on the topic «Calculation justification of foundation structures for their strengthening and in new construction» Detailes

22.06.2022 / 22.06.2022

Another patent for the invention «Method of erecting a bored pile of increased bearing capacity for construction in seismic regions» was received Detailes

23.05.2022 / 23.05.2022

We received another patent for an invention "Device for measuring shear deformations of the ground relative to a reinforced concrete structure" Detailes

11.05.2022 / 11.05.2022

The project of a new Airport terminal in Krasnodar has passed the state expertise Detailes

09.05.2022 / 09.05.2022

Congratulations to all on the Great Victory Day! We wish you and your loved ones a peaceful sky over your head! Detailes

15.04.2022 / 15.04.2022

We received another patent for an invention "Method for erecting a bored pile of increased load-bearing capacity for construction in seismic areas" Detailes