09.05.2023 / 09.05.2023

Dear friends, congratulations on Victory Day! Let's not forget the feat of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers! Detailes

10.04.2023 / 10.04.2023

An approval of the state expertise was received after revision of the project for the completion of the construction of 25-storey residential buildings with underground parking on Montazhnikov Street and Solnechnaya Street in Krasnodar Detailes

08.03.2023 / 08.03.2023

Dear Ladies! Congratulations on International Women's Day on March 8! We wish you to be beautiful, loved and happy! Detailes

01.02.2023 / 01.02.2023

A monograph of Marinichev M.B. «Engineering protection of territories from dangerous natural processes» has been published Detailes

29.01.2023 / 29.01.2023

GEOTECH company has begun to develop measures to increase the seismic resistance of the shopping mall constructions on the street Gorky in Sochi Detailes

01.01.2023 / 01.01.2023

Dear friends! We congratulate everyone on the New Year 2023 and wish you Peace, strong health and good people nearby! Detailes

10.11.2022 / 10.11.2022

The monograph "Study of the work of drilling hanging piles as part of the foundations of multi-storey and high-rise buildings" was published (Author Marinichev M.B.) Detailes

01.10.2022 / 01.10.2022

A new scientific and practical manual "Engineering protection of territories from rockfall and avalanche processes" (Author Marinichev M.B.) published by the publishing house KubSAU Detailes

08.09.2022 / 08.09.2022

A scientific and practical manual «Basics of calculation and design of foundations of multi-storey, high-rise and unique buildings» was published. Authors: Marinichev M.B., Eschenko O.Yu., Demchenko V.A., Tkachev I.G. Detailes

15.08.2022 / 15.08.2022

For many years of work and significant personal contribution to the development of the Krasnodar Region, the gratitude of the Governor of the Krasnodar Region was awarded to Professor of the Department of Bases and Foundations of KubSAU M.B. Marinichev Detailes