Office & medical center with living space at Tchaikovskogo Str. in the center of Sochi

Client – «Юкрис+» LLC
Head architect – O. Zadikyan
Head engineer – M. Marinichev

Construction of buildings on floodplain is always accompanied by a number of geotechnical issues. Often these soils have low values of deformation and strength characteristics. In most cases part of the organic inclusions detected in floodplain soils. This leads to the need of more detailed consideration of these parameters in geotechnical calculations.

17-storey residential building on Tchaikovskogo street in Sochi is located on the floodplain of river Sochi. As an initial data GEOTECH got an existing pile field for the building which supposed to be built in this area, the project was 12-storey residential building with a frame scheme and very cramped conditions for construction of the new building.

The most difficult task was to consider the involvement of the already made pile to the new pile foundation. Technical solutions of the new project provided another constructive scheme, number of floors, building height, loading. Each completed pile was considered individually. After consideration of the entire field, anchor piles of the implemented was appointed for load tests that were included in a specially developed test program with static and dynamic loads. As a result, all technical issues were successfully solved. Currently GEOTECH leads the geotechnical monitoring of this project.


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