Housing estate at Mira Str. in Novorossiysk

Client – «Vibor» LLC
Head architect – I. Avramenko
Head engineer – M. Marinichev

Residential complex at Mira Str. situated in one of the best places of Novorossiysk. Panoramic view of the main city bay opens from the bottom floors. The building site has direct access to the waterfront of Admirala Serebryakova. The building has three 10-12-storey block and a two-level underground parking lot.

The project was difficult because the required amount of longitudinal load-bearing walls was missing for buildings with such structural scheme and number of storey for the area with seismicity of 8 points. At least two longitudinal load-bearing walls is adopted for such space-planning decisions. However, company «Vibor» which was the main project investor and general contractor appealed with the technical request to use an existing tunnel formwork for the construction of the building. The works technology provided the construction of just one wall.

The specialists of GEOTECH have made a series of calculations for the whole combinations of external influences including 8-point earthquake. Based on the calculations we have proposed technical solutions for structures and foundations ensure the strength and reliability of a building with only one longitudinal load-bearing wall.


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