Hotel & apartments at Sokolova Str. in Sochi

Client – «Agraf» LLC
Head architect – A. Gorbunov
Head engineer – M. Marinichev

Residential apartment type complex located at the intersection Sokolova street and Kurortniy Avenue in Sochi. The building has a closed form with a central atrium the full height. Feature of space-planning decisions is the terraced upper floors which gives a special external expression.

The building has a symmetrical design scheme and uniform distribution of stiffness and mass. The height of the building has three ledges on two floors.

The height of the building from the planning point 59.9 m.

Calculation of bearing structures of the building were performed by a spatial scheme. Mutual influence with others existing facilities were taken into account in the calculations and also with two-level underground parking.

A special place in the design process was given the geotechnical part. The building's location in close proximity to the Kurortniy Avenue caused the necessity of detailed ditch stability calculations.

Pile foundations under the main high-rise block was designed using the CFA technology.

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