Shopping mall «Red Square» in Novorossiysk

Client – «RAMO-M»
Head engineer – V. Podtelkov
Head structural engineer – M. Marinichev

The construction site is located in the Primorskydistrict of Novorossiysk, at the intersection of Anapskoe highway –Kutuzovskaya Str.

Shopping center «Red square» in Novorossiyskcan be called the first public building with such a design scheme in the Krasnodar region. Combinedconcrete and metal structures with spatial grid of columns and the dimensionsin the plan. Previously the building was to be made of reinforced concrete.However, the necessity of splitting the building into several blocks inaccordance with the requirements, taking into account the temperature effects,is forced to reconsider the structural solutions in favor of a metal frame.

The building has a rectangular shape in plan, thedimensions in axes - 88,090 m. The calculation of the shopping complex is made bythree-dimensional model.We selected pile foundation.To reduce total and differential settlements, it was decided to design the pilefoundation with CFA piles. Piles CFA with a diameter of 400 mm and 11 m length. The raft had athickness of 1.4 m.

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