Elite housing estate «IDEAL-HOUSE» at Bytkha Str. in Sochi

Client – «ДИАЛ Строй Инвест» LLC
Head architect – A. Ginzburg
Head engineer – M. Marinichev

Elite residential complex «IDEAL-HOUSE» in Sochi has threehigh-rise block section separated by seismic joints, two section of theautomated parking and a fitness center. All constructions are implemented in asingle architectural concept. Our specialists carried out scientific andtechnical support for design and calculation of load-bearing structures.

Structural analysis took into account the interactionof overground and underground parts of buildings and basement. The shapestability for the structural system were checked for each building. Thehorizontal displacement of the top of the building (including the roll of thefoundation) was determined as well as acceleration when vibrations of the slabsin the upper floors from the fluctuating component of wind load. Forces inload-bearing elements of the structural system was calculated.

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