Retaining structures

The extensive experience of GEOTECH in the field of design of geotechnical protection and retaining structures is based on the calculation and design of sheet fencing, slurry walls, gabion structures, retaining walls for protecting objects from slope and landslide processes, engineering protection from rockfalls and avalanches. A large number of our technical solutions in the field of engineering activities protected by copyright certificates and patents of the Russian Federation.

Technical solution of engineering protection for «KRISTALL» shopping and office center at the intersection of Severnaya Str. and Levanevskiy Str. in Krasnodar

The construction period of a 10-storey shopping and office center «CRYSTAL» has been completed in the central part of Krasnodar. At the construction site there is a 3-storey brick building with considerable physical wear of bearing and enclosing elements. One of the main conditions before the construction stage began was the prevention of any damage in the existing building. Strict conditions were stipulated for additional deformations of structural elements and foundations.


Technical solution for engineering protection at the construction site of «MARRIOTT» hotel in Krasnodar

One of the main conditions for the beginning of the MARRIOTT hotel construction stage was to ensure the requirement that significant additional deformations are not allowed at the foundations of standing beside existing 10-storey building. A large number of options were considered for engineering protection of the foundations of the existing building. We chosen an option with three-line pile fence including piles with a length of 30 meters. This solution made it possible to exclude the dynamic influence on the foundations of the existing building due to the use of CFA technology.


Solid waste landfill in the Adler district of Sochi

Within the framework of this project GEOTECH developed solutions of overall geotechnical protection for a solid waste landfill.
Geotechnical protection was made of bored piles d820 mm long, L=21m and 18m, located with a gap of 1070 mm with making of soil anchors in 4 lines of height, set in the plan with a gap of 3210mm. The root of the anchor is embedded in the bedrock at least at 5 m. The geotechnical solution of the landfill is designed as a combined structure with the rigidity created by the combination of the piles d820mm and the reinforced concrete wall 200mm thick. The protection was arranged step by step in accordance with the technology of construction of retaining structures.