Housing estate «Moskva» at Deputatskaya Str. in Sochi

Client – «ЮгСпецСтрой» LLC
Head architect – O. Zadikyan
Head engineer – M. Marinichev

 «Moscow» stands out among the newresidential complexes in the district Svetlana in Sochi. It is on the Deputatskaya Street, just 600 meters fromthe Sochi beachesand the main infrastructure of the city.

The constructive scheme of the building «Moscow»in Sochi selectedbasing on the conditions of perception of a significant seismic loads.Foundations – bored piles-stand with a diameter of 820 mm with alength of 12m, 15m, 16m. Piles united with monolithic reinforced concrete raftslab with a thickness of 900 mm.


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