The modern epoch of the great possibilities let scientists, architects and engineers reveal the creative potential for realization of the most daring ideas! Using the combination of progressive technologies and advanced knowledge it becomes possible to reach impressive results in many fields. One of them is construction branch.

Achievements on the foundation of knowledge – is a motto of GEOTECH company which has a specialization on designing of the most difficult architectural, construction, geotechnical and industrial projects.

Regular participation in scientific conferences, seminars, exhibitions and also long-term researches define a high qualification rate of our specialists. We have a wide net of partners and cooperate with leading experts from many countries all over the world.

We are ready to move together to the further success!


Another patent for the invention «Method of erecting a bored pile of increased bearing capacity for construction in seismic regions» was received Detailes


We received another patent for an invention "Device for measuring shear deformations of the ground relative to a reinforced concrete structure" Detailes


The project of a new Airport terminal in Krasnodar has passed the state expertise Detailes

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