Shopping mall with administrative spaces on Demokraticheskaya Str., 37 in the Adler district of Sochi

Client – «Наш Дом - Сочи» LLC
Head architect – O. Zadikyan
Head engineer – M. Marinichev

Last years commercial and office buildings withwireframe scheme were designed on the basis of technical solutions withoutbeams. However, this solutions without beams have a number of limitations inseismic areas concerning the magnitude of the maximum span and the thickness ofthe plate part. These features sometimes make it difficult to organize theinternal space of commercial, office, exhibition objects.

The project of the shopping center is based on a framewith no beams. First and second floors are reserved for an well-known tradenetworks, which requirements provide a frame without beams with the dimensionsof a grid of columns exceeding the permissible values.

A series of specialcalculations succeed in justifying the possibility of applying for thisparticular project a frame solution without beams.

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