Housing estate «ZARYA» at Montazhnikov Str. in Krasnodar

Client – «Ostrinskiy» LLC
Head architect – R. Baybekov
Head engineer – M. Marinichev

Construction site of residential 273-apartment 24 - storey building located in the city of Krasnodar, Montazhnikovstr 1/2.In the basement there is an underground parking for 49vehicles. We have analyzed the geological conditions of the area, the maincomplicating features were weak soils located near the surface. The height ofthe building reaches 73m and consists of 24 floors. The total mass of thebuilding is about 26480 tons. The average pressure under the foundation isaround 400 kPa. We carried out spatial calculations for several variants offoundations in geological conditions of the construction site.

The foundation slab was considered as the first variant with the thickness1000mm. The calculations revealed significant deformation of the plate. Thisvariant does not fit specified criteria, so we decided to use piles in order totransfer loads to stronger subsoil.

We applied technical solution – the foundation slab on a reinforced subsoil(pile foundation with transfer layer). The parameters of this solution wasassigned as follows: number of piles-144, length 17.5 m, bearing capacityof the pile was determined taking into account the recommendations and it was2440 kN. This solution has no constructive connection between the foundationand piles. Transfer layer is a low-compression material located between thepile heads and the slab. Transfer layer can significantly reduce the horizontalforces that arising in the piles under seismic influence. As a result ofcalculations carried out on this option, it became possible to prove maximumsettlement of the building is 89mm, and it is 67.6% lower than when the raftfoundation settlement. Also we conducted testing piles with static load whichconfirmed the required bearing capacity of piles.


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