Housing estate «Elsinore» in Sochi

Client – «Ostrinskiy» LLC
Head architect – R. Baybekov
Head engineer – M. Marinichev

«ELSINORE» is a modern residential complex of comfort class located in the city of Sochi.

The building consists of 2 arch-shaped sections with a two-level underground parking for 264 places. The residential complex is completely isolated and independent: private kindergartens, supermarkets, pharmacies. The local area provides landscape gardening, playground and sports fields and bike parking. The new building removed from the main motorway and it’s situated on a hill. A magnificent panorama of the sea coast opens from the level of the construction site, all apartments have a beautiful view from the window. White 24-storey buildings resemble the sails filled with wind. Stained glass, aluminum panels and porcelain tiles were used as decorative elements. The buildings are assembled by a common stylobate part with accessible roof. The beauty and grandeur of «ELSINORE» not inferior to the famous eponymous castle. The developer took care of the strength and durability of the buildings. Monolithic construction can withstand seismic impacts up to 9 points. Multi-level parking and internal infrastructure facilities will be located on the ground floors. Each section has 2 entrances. Entrance equipped with a ramp. Spacious common room includes elevator area, concierge room and area for communication. Luxury decoration planned with the use of ceramic tiles, textured plaster, mirrors, designer panels and decorative lighting. On the roof will be placed open sunroom and winter garden. All communications connected to the city lines. The complex is designed for 700 apartments.

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