High-rise construction

In the section «High-rise construction» you can get acquainted with the projects of high-rise buildings, executed by our company in the period from 2004 to the present. When describing each object, we tried to touch on the most interesting aspects of the design and construction process. 

The construction of high-rise buildings is complemented by a step-by-step description of each object, where you can see the sequence of construction of facilities, from the engineering preparation of the construction site to the appearance of the finished building, to share our practical experience with our colleagues, engineers, architects and geotechnicians. 

Elit real estate «Romanov House» in Krasnodar

The structure of the residential complex «Romanov House» includes three 24-storey houses with studio apartments, one-bedroom, two- and three-bedroom apartments, as well as above-ground spacious parking and infrastructure buildings. The concept of apartment layouts «House of Romanovs» is apartments of new generation. The new approach allowed to create more comfortable and functional housing, which was originally designed in accordance with the needs and lifestyle of modern people.


Housing estate «Gorky Park» in Sochi

Residential complex «Gorky Park» was commissioned in December 2012. It is located in the picturesque area of Sochi which beloved by many tourists and residents. The complex blends harmoniously into the landscape of the new Central Park. Residential complex «Gorky Park» consists of two houses, 20 and 19 floors. One, two and three bedroom apartments are designed on each floor.


Housing estate «Sailing regatta» in Krasnodar

Housing estate «Sailing regatta» consists of four 24-storey houses. Studio apartment, one, two and three bedroom apartments are designed on each building. Also above-ground parking and infrastructure buildings were designed. Jet grouting of the soil makes it easy to align the strength and deformation properties of soils, because during the cementation process is the introduction of the soil reinforcing elements.


Housing estate «Elsinore» in Sochi

«ELSINORE» is a modern residential complex of comfort class located in the city of Sochi.
The building consists of 2 arch-shaped sections with a two-level underground parking for 264 places. The residential complex is completely isolated and independent: private kindergartens, supermarkets, pharmacies.


Housing estate at Vinogradnaya Str. in Sochi

The 25-storey complex with two levels of underground Parking is being built close of the famous Spa Park «Riviera», the 5-star Grand Hotel «Rodina» and sanatorium «Sochi». It's practically the center of Sochi, a three minute drive away Kurortny Prospekt — the main street of Sochi with all possible resort infrastructure.