Large tanks

The construction of large reservoirs in the coastal areas of Krasnodar region and the increasing capacity of the tanks has raised a number of questions for the design of foundations and vertical walls of the tanks in the conditions of high seismicity. Problems of safety and ecological safety of the territory require the engineer search of rational technical solutions.

The absence of existing regulatory documents for the whole cycle of works, including exploration, construction, hydraulic testing and the operation itself, reduces the possibility of ensuring the reliability of such facilities. The need for reservoir parks in close proximity to seaports limits the choice of sites and dimensions of the reservoirs themselves. The comparatively small own weight of the structures, the considerable weight of the contents of the product and the periodically short-term changing stress state of the foundation soil, require the development of a special apparatus for calculating the behavior of foundations, strength and deformation forecasts. Additional difficulties are associated with the need to take into account seismic loads and the behavior of the liquid in the tanks at different filling levels. Fire and environmental restrictions determine the requirements for tank enclosures. The responsible design and design stage is the determination of the bottom deformation.

The development of design methods for the design of large reservoirs is one of the important scientific directions of the company. We have accumulated a large volume of articles and patents devoted to this issue.

Extension of the tank park in the village of Kavkazskaya

Using the example of this realized project, you can overview basic stages of erection and reconstruction of large tanks


Complex for reloading liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) at the address: Leningrad region, Ust-Luga

The object of the study is the construction of a foundation for the installation of an isothermal tank with a capacity of 20,000 m3 intended for the storage of liquefied hydrocarbons in the Leningrad Region