14.11.2017 / 14.11.2017

GEOTECH starts new project: «The second stage of «DEYa» shopping mall with the multilevel underground parking in Nalchik» Detailes

07.10.2017 / 07.10.2017

On October 7 on the 85th year of life Konstantin Shagenovich Shadunts has died! It was not just our teacher in science and a profession, but also a moral guide. He has lived bright creative life during which he has lit the same bright fire in many hearts! We express the deepest condolences to the family of Konstantin Shagenovich! He will always be alive in our hearts! Detailes

25.09.2017 / 25.09.2017

GEOTECH starts the new project: «Multiflat building on Alexandrovsky Lane in Sochi» Detailes

08.09.2017 / 08.09.2017

We start our new project «Residential complex of high-rise buildings in Esaulenko street in Sochi» Detailes

13.08.2017 / 13.08.2017

On behalf of GEOTECH Company we congratulate our colleagues with the Day of the Builder! We wish you to achieve high results in our honorable profession! Detailes

14.07.2017 / 14.07.2017

GEOTECH is to begin the new project: «Multistoried residential building with underground parking on Schosseynaya street in Khosta district in Sochi» Detailes

10.06.2017 / 10.06.2017

GEOTECH starts the new conceptual project: «Multifunctional residential block with objects of social infrastructure located around a northern slope of the mountain Bytkha in Sochi» Detailes

09.05.2017 / 09.05.2017

Dear friends! We congratulate all of you on the Day of the Great Victory! We thank all our grandfathers for a peaceful sky! Detailes

10.04.2017 / 10.04.2017

GEOTECH carries out geotechnical analyses to define and prove the protection structures against landslides and also solutions of the foundations for «The block of cottages on Troitskaya street of Adler region in Sochi» Detailes

08.03.2017 / 08.03.2017

We congratulate dear and beloveds ladies on the International Women's Day March 8! We wish you to be delightful today and every day of the year! Good spring mood and attention of men! Detailes