Shopping mall «Red Square», resort-city Zheleznogorsk, Stavropol region

Client – ЗАО «РАМО-М»
Head architect – R. Abidov
Head engineer – M. Marinichev

The territory of the shopping center «Red square»located in Stavropol region, about 1.5 km towards the south of the road junctionPyatigorsk – Zheleznovodsk – the city of Mineralnye Vody, in the area offederal highway «Caucasus». The area is 30 hectares.

The complex includes shoppingand entertainment center (mall), hotel , three auto center, bus station with300 seats, boiler, outbuildings and facilities, fire station and open parking. Thebuilding is rectangular in plan and placed on flat ground. The design of themall has a reinforced concrete frame with a pitch of 12 × 12 m, monolithic slabs andcoated metal trusses. The building has a size of =~ 460х210м with a totalproject area of about 160000м2.

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