Hotel «MARRIOTT» in Krasnodar

Client – «Europe - Invest» LLC
Head architect – J. Seifert
Head engineer – M. Marinichev

A five-star hotel «MARRIOTT» in the center of Krasnodar is the first hotel of such high class forthe Krasnodar region.The architectural concept was designed by the famous English architect JohnSiefert. High-rise building of the hotel complex consists of 6 pieces: three22-storey, two 3-storey and one-storey. They all separated by anti-seismic andsedimentary seam.

The constructive scheme isbraced reinforced concrete frame. Raft-pile foundation for a 22-storey partsare made of CFA piles with diameter of 400 mm and length of 22m.Piles combined with a raft for each high-rise block. The pile toe lays below the ground surface at 26.5 m. The raft deepened at 4.5 m.

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