Housing estate «Sailing regatta» in Krasnodar

Заказчик – «ISK «RAS» LLC
Head engineer – N. Sushkov
Head structural engineer – M. Marinichev

Housing estate «Sailing regatta» consists offour 24-storey houses. Studio apartment, one, two and three bedroom apartmentsare designed on each building. Also above-ground parking and infrastructurebuildings were designed. Jet grouting of the soil makes it easy to align thestrength and deformation properties of soils, because during the cementationprocess is the introduction of the soil reinforcing elements.

Due to the difficult groundconditions of the construction site, the work was carried out by grouting thebase of the jet piles with a length of 10.5 m and diameter of 1500 mm by the Jet-groutingmethod. Jet-grouting makes it easy to align the strength and deformationproperties of soils, because it’s the introduction of the soil reinforcingelements during the cementation process. After that, the soil and embeddedsoil-concrete piles are considered as a geotechnical array. This is the bestguarantee for safe and dry basement in terms of proximity to the river. Estimatedseismic of construction site has been reduced from 8 to 7 points according tothe results of Jet-grouting. The foundation of a 24-storey buildings is a monolithicreinforced concrete slab with a thickness of 1200mm. Load-bearing elements ofthe building are made of reinforced concrete.

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