Elite real estate «Golden Triangle» in Sochi

Client – «Sunzha»
Head architect – A. Gorbunov
Head engineer – M. Marinichev

Luxury high-rise complex «MILLENIUM TAUER» is a pilot part of the project «Golden Triangle». The complex has access to the black sea coast. Clean air and wonderful nature here: the arboretum park, Park them. Frunze, the building of the Sochi Circus, «Svetlana» sanatorium. The construction site has a complex triangular form that identified the name of all quarter «Golden Triangle».

Due to special conditions of designing (for buildings above 75 meters), high seismicity of the construction site, large values of horizontal loads, the foundations of the building is solved using the piles d 630 clamped in the bedrock at the estimated depth with length 15m. The piles were made according to the CFA technology.

We created the program of piles testing with static loads for foundations of high-rise parts. The test results demonstrated the remarkable load-carrying ability of CFA piles.

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