High-rise building at Kirova Str. in Adler district of Sochi

Today raft-pile foundations are the most rational solution for the design of high-rise buildings on compressible soils. This is confirmed by numerous field observations and numerical methods.

We have conducted a very interesting comparative analysis for two identical buildings located at a distance of 100 meters from each other on the basis of the same stratification of soils and their properties.

The first high-rise residential building on Demokraticheskaya Str., 42 is designed using conventional pile foundation, including 202 CFA - piles with a length of 23 m. This decision was taken due to the fact that there was not enough material of geotechnical investigations. We began detailed observation of the behavior of foundations and superstructure immediately after the completion of the piles field and the basement floors of the building. Geotechnical monitoring continues to the present time. Based on the results of monitoring in the design of the second building (twin of the first one), we used raft-pile foundation in project with less number of piles and reduced pile length – from 23 meters to 8 meters. Settling of the second building (houses on Kirova Str., 30 in Sochi) increased in compare with the first in 2.5 times and amounted to 30 mm after the end of the construction process. However, it remained in an acceptable range. The savings from this decision amounted to 20 million rubles in 2008 prices.


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