Residential block at Gastello Str. in Adler district of Sochi

Client – FSUE «Caucasian VSO» FSB of Russia
Head engineer – M. Marinichev

Geological survey for construction of a 17-storey residential complex onthe Gastello Str. in Sochi foundthat the thickness of the weak soil is at the depth of 10 to 35 m. Thusthere is a strong spatial decline of the relatively strong soil layer No.6.Volumetric illustration of the soil is shown for the understanding of subsoilcomplication.

In such circumstances, the use of shallow foundations for buildings withsignificant vertical load is impossible. So the only solution is the choosing of deep foundations.

CFA piles are a proven solution in similar conditions of construction.However, quite a large design load on pile up to 1500 kN determines a number ofrequirements to the choice of length and diameter. Preliminary bearing capacitywas determined according to the standards. The actual bearing capacity wasdetermined by the static tests. Pile foundations were designed combined withmonolithic reinforced concrete raft with thickness of 800 mm. Thepiles were Ø400мм, concrete B25. Piles have different length to ensurepenetration of the pile is not less than 3 m layer of the bedrocklayer No.6.


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